Your question: What were the main objectives of British education in India?

What is the main objective of education in India?

(a) As per the National Policy on Education (1968), the aim of education is “to promote national progress, a sense of common citizenship and culture and to strengthen national integration”.

What was the main objective of British government in India?

The basic purpose of the British colonial rule over India was to compliment and serve the industrialisation process in Britain. In this regard, the sole aim of the colonial government was to reduce India to a mere supplier of the raw materials for the betterment and advancement of their home country.

What are the main objective of the British propagating Western education?

Answer: British wanted to introduce modern western education to serve their economic interests as English education would convince Indians about the superiority of British goods which were machine made, it would make Indians recognize the advantages of trade and commerce.

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What is the main objective of education?

The major objective of education is developing inherent abilities/powers of students.

Which are the most important objectives of education in contemporary India?

The objective of modern education was to inculcate values in students such as equality, secularism, education for all, and environmental protection, etc.

What was the main motive of Britishers?

Britisher’s main motive was to take India’s wealth to their country and they were succeed in their objective because when they came to rule India the condition of India was not so good.

What was the main aim of the British rule in India How did they succeed in their objective?

Motive of British rule in India was to get us much as profit possible. The fulfil this by forcing farmers to cultivate crop prescribed by them. They forced pastoralist to become cultivators so that more and more land can be come under cultivation which would increase land revenue.

What was the two main objectives of colonial education?

Colonial education was used to remove the colonized people from their indigenous learning. Colonizers wanted the African people to be useful and qualified personnel for their economic development. Moreover, for colonizers education was a means to win converts to their religion.

What was the impact of British education in India?

The education system before the British was more religion based and the society was full of evils and superstitions. The British brought a rather modern and logic based education system that led to the evolution in the thinking of the people and helped ban a lot of social evils in India.

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What were the motives of British educational policy?

The motives of British education policies were : to create a civilized nation and promote western style learning. to create a amrket for British goods. It was believed that when people will learn about Britain they will be damaning more for the exported goods.