Your question: What kind of monkeys are in India?

How many types of monkeys are in India?

India has long been known as one of the rich primate areas of the world, both in species diversity and population abundance. Fourteen species of nonhuman primates occur in India—six species of macaques, five of langurs, two of looses, and one species of gibbon (Table 12.1).

What is macaque in English?

: any of a genus (Macaca) of chiefly Asian monkeys typically having a sturdy build and including some short-tailed or tailless forms especially : rhesus monkey.

Are there a lot of monkeys in India?

Municipal bodies estimate there are up to 40,000 monkeys living in Delhi, and while many solutions to avoid conflict with humans have been tried, none have really proved successful. The city authorities have previously used larger black-faced langur monkeys to scare away the macaques.

How long do Indian monkeys live?

Sexual maturity is normally reached at about three and a half to four years of age for females, and between four and five years of age for males. Rhesus monkeys live up to 25 years, some even reach 30 years. Forty years ago, the rhesus monkey population in India alone was about two million.

Why are there monkeys in India?

Experts see a number of reasons behind this problem – where monkeys have moved away from their natural environments into human settlements. The destruction of the natural habitat of wild animals and monoculture forests are among the prime factors causing monkeys to move to Delhi.

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