You asked: Where is broccoli found in India?

Is there broccoli in India?

Born into a farming family, Jitendra Ladkat brought the first few seeds of broccoli all the way from Kenya during the Gulf War around 1990. He started cultivating the vegetable at his farm in Pune.

How do broccoli grow in India?

The perfect time to grow broccoli in India is around September-November. You can start by growing your broccoli seeds indoors in midsummers and plant in its final location after the seedlings are about six inches tall.

Where is broccoli found?

Leading broccoli-producing states are California (90 percent of the crop), Arizona, Texas, and Oregon. Broccoli also is grown on a large scale in Italy, northern Europe, and the Far East. In recent years, the northeastern United States produced more than 500 acres.

Where is broccoli mostly grown?

Countries Growing The Most Broccoli And Cauliflower In The World

Rank Country Tons of Cauliflower and Broccoli produced
1 China 9,100,000
2 India 7,887,000
3 Spain 540,900
4 Mexico 481,073

Is broccoli popular in India?

India is the second largest producer of broccoli after China, while the US ranks third. So, we are looking forward to growing the vegetable in abundance in our own state because the environment here is conducive. … Broccoli is a cool-weather crop that does poorly in sultry climate.

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Why is broccoli so expensive in India?

Broccoli is so expensive because there’s been a huge increase in consumer demand, coupled with very unfavorable weather. Broccoli is a heat-sensitive crop, and it needs very stable weather. … There’s also the fact that broccoli is a vegetable crop, which is more expensive to harvest because you need manual labor.

Can broccoli grow in Goa?

Still, the ‘winter’ in Goa and the rest of the Konkan is good enough to grow vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, radish, lettuce and knol-kohl from the temperate region. Herbs like coriander, mint, basil and thyme also do well.

What is the price of broccoli in India?

Questions & Answers on Broccoli

Variety Available Min Price Max Price
Broccoli Rs 35/Kg Rs 120/Kg

Which state produces the most broccoli in India?

China is the largest producer of broccoli having production of about 9,100,000 Mt. India is the second largest producer of broccoli producing 7,887,000 Mt. Major broccoli producing growing states of India are West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat and Jharkhand.

Is broccoli an annual?

*Broccoli is a biennial crop, but short season varieties act as annuals when planted early in the spring.