Who was the youngest revolutionary of the Indian freedom movement?

Who are the revolutionary freedom fighters of India?

Notable revolutionaries

Name Birth Activity
Surya Sen (Masterda) 22 March 1894 Chittagong Armoury Raid
Ananta Singh 1 December 1903 Chittagong armoury raid
Sri Aurobindo Ghosh 15 August 1872 Alipore Bomb Case
Rash Behari Bose 25 May 1886 Indian National Army

Who was the pioneer of revolutionary movement?

Who initiated the revolutionary movement in India? It was Aurobindo Ghosh, his brother Barin Ghosh, Bhupendranath Datta, Lal Bal Pal and Subodh Chandra Mullick initiated the revolutionary activity against the British rule.

Who Called 1857 First War of Independence?

In India, the term First War of Independence was first popularized by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in his 1909 book The History of the War of Indian Independence, which was originally written in Marathi.

Who was hanged at the age of 15 years?

It was August 11, 1908, when Khudiram Bose attained martyrdom. Khudiram Bose lost his mother when he was just 6. His father passed away a year later. He then came in contact with revolutionaries like Barindra Kumar Ghosh of Calcutta and he became a volunteer in the freedom struggle when he was only 15-year-old.

Who is the oldest freedom fighter?

Satyavati Devi (28 February 1905 – 26 October 2010) was an Indian freedom fighter and Gandhian. At the time of her death on 26 October 2010, she was India’s oldest living freedom fighter.

Satyavati Devi (born 1905)

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Satyavati Devi
Known for Participation in the Indian independence movement
Spouse(s) Lala Achint Ram ​ (died 1961)​

Who was the youngest freedom fighters hanged by English?

Khudiram was arrested and trialed for the murder of the two women, ultimately being sentenced to death. He was one of the first freedom fighters in Bengal to be executed by Britishers.

Khudiram Bose
Bose c. 1905
Born 3 December 1889 Mohobani, Midnapore, Bengal Presidency, India (present-day West Bengal, India)

Who killed Kingsford?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Khudiram Bose. Khudiram was hanged on August 11, 1908, on charges of bombing the carriage of Kingsford, in the attack of which barrister Pringle Kennedy’s wife and daughter were killed. He sacrificed his life on the altar of freedom struggle at a very young age of 18.

Who was Douglas Kingsford?

Before being transferred to Muzaffarpur, Kingsford was a magistrate in Bengal. His tortuous clamping down on revolutionaries, had earned him the ire of this young group of nationalists who decided to hurl a bomb on him.