Who was the president of the Indian National Congress at the time of partition of India?

When was the partition of Indian National Congress?

The Surat Split was the splitting of the Indian National Congress into two groups – the Extremists and the Moderates – at the Surat session in 1907.

Who was Congress president in 1947?

There have been six Congress Prime Ministers, the first being Jawaharlal Nehru (1947–1964), and the most recent Manmohan Singh (2004–2014).

Which future president of the Indian Merchant Chamber become president of the Indian National Congress in 1901?

Sir Dinshaw Edulji Wacha (2 August 1844 – 18 February 1936) was a Parsi politician from Bombay. He was one of the founding members of the Indian National Congress. Wacha was also the president of the Congress in 1901.

Who is the president of National Congress?

Who proposed partition of India?

Sir Cyril Radcliffe headed the boundary commission which draw up the border between India and Pakistan. According to historian Ayesha Jalal, ‘it was rather an arbitrary line, which in some instances cut villages into two’.

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Who is the first president of Indian National Congress?

The president of the party has effectively been the party’s national leader, head of the party’s organisation, head of the Working Committee, the chief spokesman, and all chief Congress committees. After the party’s foundation in December 1885, Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee became its first president.

Who was the president of Indian National Congress during the transfer of power in 1947?

Jivatram Bhagwandas Kripalani (11 November 1888 – 19 March 1982), popularly known as Acharya Kripalani, was an Indian politician, noted particularly for holding the presidency of the Indian National Congress during the transfer of power in 1947 and the husband of Sucheta Kripalani.

Who was the president between 1947 to 1957?

Harry S. Truman | The White House.

Who is the future president of Indian Merchant?

Dilip Piramal of VIP Industries was appointed the president of Indian Merchants Chamber three days after his wife took over the top job at their ladies wing.

When did Jawaharlal Nehru became president of Congress?

The trio combined to oust Rajendra Prasad as the Congress president in 1936. Nehru was elected in his place and held the presidency for two years (1936–37). His socialist colleagues Bose (1938–39) and Azad (1940–46) succeeded him.