Which year tsunami came in Chennai?

When did tsunami come in Chennai?

On December 26, 2004, a masssive tsunami triggered by an undersea earthquake in Indonesia struck the south Indian coast on a Sunday morning.

When did tsunami attack Tamilnadu?

The 26 December 2004 tsunami significantly affected the coastal regions of southern peninsular India. About 8,835 human lives were lost in the tsunami in mainland India, with 86 persons reported missing.

Is there any tsunami warning today in Chennai?

There is no threat of tsunami or storm surge. No warnings at this juncture are warranted.”

What was the most recent tsunami in 2021?

2021 Fukushima earthquake

UTC time 2021-02-13 14:07:49
Tsunami 0.2 m (0.66 ft)
Landslides Yes
Aftershocks Multiple. The largest is an Mw 6.0.
Casualties 1 dead, 186 injured, 16 serious

What was the latest tsunami?

The 28 September 2018 magnitude 7.5 Palu, Indonesia earthquake (0.178°S, 119.840°E, depth 13 km) occurred at 1002 UTC. The major earthquake triggered catastrophic liquefaction, landslides, and a near-field tsunami that resulted in direct damage, impact, economic loss, and loss of life.

How far did the 2004 tsunami travel?

The Indian Ocean tsunami traveled as far as 3,000 miles to Africa and still arrived with sufficient force to kill people and destroy property. Many people in Indonesia reported that they saw animals fleeing for high ground minutes before the tsunami arrived – very few animal bodies were found afterward.

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