Which is the latest railway zone in India?

What are the 16 zones of Indian Railways?

Zones & Division

S/No. Name of the Railway Zone Division
13 South East Central Railway 1) Bilaspur 2) Nagpur 3) Raipur
14 South Western Railway 1) Bangalore 2) Mysore 3) Hubli 4) RWF/YNK
15 Western Railway 1) BCT 2) Vadodara 3) Ahemdabad 4) Ratlam 5) Rajkot 6) Bhavnagar
16 West Central Railway 1) Jabalpur 2) Bhopal 3) Kota

Which is smallest railway zone in India?

north east is the smallest railway zone in india.

Is Konkan Railway a zone?

The Konkan Railway is a subsidiary zone of the Indian Railways. It is one of the 17 zones of the Indian Railways but without any divisional structure unlike other railways zones in India. Konkan Railway was the missing link between India’s Commercial Capital, Mumbai and Mangalore.

How many railway zones are there in India Class 10?

Indian railways network is divided into 16 zones. Zones are divided into divisions.

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