What makes Mumbai a world city?

Is Mumbai a world class city?

With support from the Cities Alliance and the World Bank, Mumbai has been undertaking a nearly ten-year initiative to transform itself into a world-class city with a high standard of living for all citizens.

How would you describe Mumbai?

It is the largest city of India and fondly called as the city of dreams. It is a place filled with dreamers and people who work hard day and night to achieve their dreams. … Mumbai is also home to one of the biggest slum area as well as home to the richest and thus it is only fair to describe Mumbai as a city for all.

Is there any world class city in India?

Delhi, Mumbai and Agra are the top three Indian cities popular with global tourists. Delhi is expected to become the 8th most popular city with international visitors in 2019.

What was the plan of the state of Mumbai to enable local government and implement development programs through it?

A key principle of the Bombay Plan was that the economy could not grow without government intervention and regulation.

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