What is CNG rate in Mumbai?

What is the price of 1 kg CNG in Mumbai?

Current CNG Price in Mumbai is ₹ 54.57 per Kg

Today’s CNG price in Mumbai is ₹ 54.57 per Kg. Check out the changes in cost of CNG in Mumbai along with the historical rates of the city. Check CNG Price Chart, Trend and Map to know more. Mumbai CNG price was last updated on 02 October 2021.

How much is 1kg of CNG?

According to Indraprastha Gas Limited, the new price for CNG is ₹ 43.40 per kg in Delhi and ₹ 49.08 per kg in Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad. In Kanpur, Hamirpur, and Fatehpur, the revised CNG price would be ₹ 60.50 per kg while the CNG price in Muzzafarnagar and Shamli would be ₹ 57.25 per kg.

What is the cost of CNG in Mumbai?

Revised prices inclusive of all taxes of CNG in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region will be Rs 57.54 per kg, while the piped gas rates will escalate to Rs 33.93 per unit (slab 1) and Rs 39.53 per unit (slab 2) respectively.

Why is CNG cheaper than petrol?

Cheaper fuel

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Clearly, the pricing differences are very much high. This means, while buying fuel for your car, you are saving the upfront fuel cost. Price fluctuations for CNG are significantly lower compared to petrol and diesel. Hence, CNG is easily affordable.

Is CNG car good?

For a little above average driving: If your car will run in between 12000 to 14000 (i.e. 15,000 to 16,000 kms a year) then again, CNG would be an ideal fuel choice. … It will help you save a lot on fuel costs and other upfront and maintenance costs.

Which state has cheapest CNG in India?

CNG Price In India

  • Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad ▲ ₹ 75.75 (+11.05) Vijayawada ▲ …
  • Delhi. Delhi ▲ ₹ 47.48 (+2.28) …
  • Gujarat. Ahmedabad ▲ ₹ 62.99 (+3.13) …
  • Haryana. Faridabad ▲ ₹ 50.85 (+1.95)
  • Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior ▲ ₹ 73.00 (+4.00) …
  • Maharashtra. Dhule ▲ ₹ 63.50 (+2.00) …
  • Punjab. Amritsar ▲ ₹ 63.29 (+3.82)
  • Rajasthan. Ajmer ▼ ₹ 62.41 (0.00)

Which is cheaper CNG or LPG?

CNG is generally cheaper than LPG. However, propane produces over twice the amount of energy than natural gas. So LPG could be more cost effective than natural gas depending upon local prices (which tend to fluctuate).

How much CNG is ertiga?

1 Answers: Well, the CNG tank capacity in Maruti Suzuki Ertiga VXI can fill around 8 kg of CNG gas in a single go.

Is CNG available in Mumbai?

CNG is a fossil fuel substitute for other auto fuels such as petrol, diesel, Auto LPG etc. … Moreover, it is easily available in and around the Mumbai city, making it the preferred auto fuel of Mumbai.

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Which CNG kit is best?

CNG Kit Installation

It is advised to install Italian Sequential CNG kits as they are considered the best quality kits.