Question: What continent touches the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean?

Where does the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean meet?

CAPE AGULHAS, South Africa—Water, water everywhere, but where do two oceans meet? The answer has long pitted businesses at South Africa’s sleepy Cape Agulhas against those near the world-renowned Cape of Good Hope.

What continents touches the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean lies between North and South America on the west and Europe and Africa on the east.

Where does Indian Ocean start and end?

Extent and data

Meridionally, the Indian Ocean is delimited from the Atlantic Ocean by the 20° east meridian, running south from Cape Agulhas, and from the Pacific Ocean by the meridian of 146°49’E, running south from the southernmost point of Tasmania.

Which continents are touched by the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean?

Continents touched by BOTH the ATLANTIC and PACIFIC OCEANS: North America, South America, and Antarctica.

Are dogs allowed into Cape Point?

No more than two dogs per person may be taken into the Park (unless the handler has obtained a special permit from the Park).

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