Question: How many schools are in Mumbai?

How many public schools are there in Mumbai?

District Wise number of Schools

S.No. District Total
18 Mumbai (DYD) 1,862
19 Nagpur 4,388
20 Nanded 3,963
21 Nandurbar 2,130

How many students are there in Mumbai?

The student enrollment at Mumbai University rose from 3.42 lakh in 2001 to 5.49 lakh last year.

How many schools are in Maharashtra?

There are nearly 21,000 (SSC) and 7000 (HSC) schools throughout the nine division of the Maharashtra State board.

How many Govt schools are there in Maharashtra?

and Govt. Schools are divided into the 36 Districts.

List of 36 Districts in Maharashtra.

Sr. No. List of the districts in Maharashtra
1 Schools in AHMADNAGAR
2 Schools in AKOLA
3 Schools in AMRAVATI

How many students are there in Maharashtra?

Number of Students: Maharashtra: Tertiary Education data was reported at 3,373,935.000 Person in 2014. This records a decrease from the previous number of 3,442,330.000 Person for 2013.

How many schools are in Pune?

There are 154 primary schools, 17 Secondary schools and 1 Krida Prabodhini run by the municipal corporation. The secondary schools enrol 9470 children.

What does Mumbai Dyd mean?

Mumbai-dyd-urc4 ( Mulund ) is a block in the Mumbai Ii district of Maharashtra which is having about 0 Cluster in it. All the Govt. and Private schools of the Mumbai-dyd-urc4 ( Mulund ) block are divided into to different clusters of the schools. … all the blocks in the District and then a School List in the Block. Sr.

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