Is Mahabalipuram in Chennai?

How far is Mahabalipuram from Chennai?

Distance Between Chennai to Mahabalipuram

Distance between Chennai to Mahabalipuram by Road is 58 Kms
Distance between Chennai to Mahabalipuram by Flight is 51 Kms
Travel Time from Chennai to Mahabalipuram by Road is 1:26 hrs
Nearest Airport in Chennai Chennai International Airport (13.08, 80.27)

Is Mamallapuram and Mahabalipuram same?

The historically significant and architecturally ardent, coastal temple town of Tamil Nadu has been referred to as Mahabalipuram until it got a new name. The town is located at a distance of around 60 kilometres from the capital city of Chennai, is officially called Mamallapuram in the State.

What is special in Mahabalipuram?

Here are the most famous tourist attractions in Mahabalipuram:

  • Arjuna’s Penance.
  • Thirukadalmallai or Sthalasayana Perumal Temple.
  • Shore Temple.
  • Crocodile Farm.
  • Krishna’s Butterball.
  • Cave Temples.
  • Mahabalipuram (Mammallapuram) Dance Festival.
  • India Seashell Museum.

Is Mahabalipuram on way from Chennai to Pondicherry?

from chennai to pondicherry its around 173 kilometer. Chennai(cmbt) to Mahabalipuram there is Volvo AC bus maximum 2 hours journy which operated by Metro Bus. There is a lot of Bus from Mahabalipuram to Pondy . Since your coming on Gov holidays.

How can I go to Mahabalipuram from Chennai by bus?

MTC is the company that operates the public bus service in Chennai and runs multiple number of city buses between Mamallapuram and C.M.B.T everyday.

Glimpse of Route No. 568C Chennai City Bus (MTC)

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C.M.B.T to → Mamallapuram Mamallapuram to → C.M.B.T
First Bus 7:30 AM 9:45 AM
Last Bus 4:35 PM 7:00 PM

Is Mahabalipuram an island?

It is one of the famous tourist sites in India. Mahabalipuram was one of two major port cities in the Pallava kingdom. The town was named after Pallava king Narasimhavarman I, who was also known as Mahabali.


State Tamil Nadu
District Chengalpattu
Elevation 12 m (39 ft)
Population (2011)

Which place in Tamil Nadu is named after the demon king Mahabali?

Mahabalipuram is a 7th century port city of the Pallavas, a Dravidic dynasty that once ruled over the major portion of peninsular India. Typical of Orientals, there are lots of theories behind its naming. Some say that it has been named after the demon king Mahabali who was renowned for his generosity.

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