Is it legal to keep Indian Flapshell turtle?

Is Flapshell turtle legal in India?

SC: Possession of ‘Indian Flap Shell Turtle’ not an offence under the Wildlife Protection Act [Read Judgment]

Can we keep Indian turtle at home?

Tortoise and turtles

The Indian Star Tortoise and the Red Ear Slider are among a few types of reptiles that are unsuitable for rearing in an apartment space, and illegal to own.

Is it legal to have a tortoise as a pet?

In California, it is illegal to sell, purchase, harm, take, possess, transport, or shoot a projectile at a tortoise (Gopherus) (California Fish and Game Code 5000). It is illegal to have a tortoise as a pet unless it was acquired prior to 1972.

Is killing a turtle illegal?

Both the American and Canadian governments regulate the consumption, hunting and destruction of turtles and their eggs. In Canada, it is illegal to hunt or kill turtles in most provinces. … In the US, some states have imposed bans on collecting turtles from the wild, including for their meat.

Is killing tortoise a crime in India?

Strict laws, loose implementation

These freshwater turtle species are protected under India’s 1972 Wildlife Protection Act, with most of them listed under Schedule 1, which is supposed to give them absolute protection, and sets the highest penalties for causing any harm.

Can we keep turtle at home?

A turtle is viewed to be extremely auspicious. Thus, it is said that keeping it as per Vastu tips can do wonders. A turtle present in your home shields you and your family and keeps your relatives cheerful.

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