In which amendment did Sikkim became part of India?

How did Sikkim became part of India?

The Kingdom of Sikkim was founded by the Namgyal dynasty in the 17th century. … In 1975, after the Indian Army took over the city of Gangtok, a referendum was held that led to the deposition of the monarchy and Sikkim joining India as its 22nd state. Modern Sikkim is a multiethnic and multilingual Indian state.

What is 36th amendment of Indian Constitution?


No. Amendments Prime Minister
36th Amend articles 80 and 81. Insert article 371F. Remove article 2A. Amend schedules 1 and 4. Remove schedule 10. Indira Gandhi
37th Amend articles 239A and 240.
38th Amend articles 123, 213, 239B, 352, 356, 359 and 360.
39th Amend articles 71 and 329. Insert article 329A. Amend schedule 9.

Which state of India was added into its territory through 36th amendment of constitution?

Sikkim The territories which immediately before the commencement of the Constitution (Thirty-sixth Amendment) Act, 1975, were comprised in Sikkim.”.

When was the Sikkim subject regulation amended?

With the revision of the Regulation in 1962, land property and ‘ancestral’ settlement became central criteria to acquire Sikkim Subject status.

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What is 24th amendment Act?

The Constitution (Twenty-Fourth Amendment) Act, 1971 was passed on 5 November 1971. This Amendment aimed to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision in I.C. Golak Nath v. State of Punjab which prohibited Parliament from curtailing Fundamental Rights in any manner.

What is the 102 amendment?

One Hundred and Second Amendment of the Constitution of India. The One Hundred and Second Amendment of the Constitution of India, officially known as the Constitution (One Hundred and Second Amendment) Act, 2018, granted constitutional status to the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC).

What is 52nd amendment Act?

A law was sought to limit such frequent defections in India. … In 1985, the Tenth Schedule of the 52nd amendment to the Constitution of India was passed by the Parliament of India to achieve this.

Which governor has merged Sikkim in India?

The correct answer is Lord Dalhousie. Lord Dalhousie merged Sikkim in India.

Who is the present governor of Sikkim?