How many offshore platforms are there in India?

What are the 7 varieties of offshore platforms?

Meet the 7 different types of oil platforms!

  • Fixed. …
  • Self-elevating. …
  • Semi-submersible. …
  • TLWP. …
  • Drillship. …
  • FPSO. …
  • FPSO Monocolumn.

What is the biggest offshore platform?

The Hibernia platform in Canada is the world’s largest (in terms of weight) offshore platform, located on the Jeanne D’Arc Basin, in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland.

How many oil rigs are there in India?

India has deployed 159 rigs and drilled 545 production wells during 2017-18 which stands globally fifth but the oil and gas production is not commensurate with the wells drilled.

How many jack up rigs in the world?

Jackup rigs are a type of oil rig platform. They are mobile platforms that rise over the sea level, primarily used in offshore oil drilling. The source depicts that the global number of jackup rigs on contract increased gradually since October 2018 and is projected to have amounted to 355 in December 2019.

How many rigs are in the world?

At that point, there were 184 offshore rigs in the North Sea. The North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico (United States) are home to many offshore rigs, totaling 184 rigs and 175 rigs, respectively as of January 2018.

Number of offshore rigs worldwide as of January 2018 by region.

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Region Number of rigs
Rest of U.S. 28

What is rig in ONGC?

“The new rig developed with state-of-the-art technology and manufactured in India drills oil wells faster and operates with minimal power. With a capacity of 1,500 HP, the rig can easily drill up to 4,000 metres. The rig is expected to be operational for 40 years,” a MEIL statement said. Our code of editorial values.

What is the full form of ONGC?

ONGC – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited.