Frequent question: What are the problems of Indian Railways?

What are the problems in railways?

5 big challenges Indian Railways faces

  1. Railways continues to master Fiscal Jugglery. The working of Indian Railways is caught up between making it a self-sufficient organisation and serving it as a transport system for the poor. …
  2. Operating Efficiency. …
  3. Finances and accounting. …
  4. General inefficiencies. …
  5. Stranded projects.

What are the 3 problems being faced by the Indian Railways?

(i) Railways are difficult to construct in the hilly and mountainous parts of India. (ii) The huge size of the country makes it difficult to connect the remote parts of the country. (iii) Obsolete trains, tracks and equipment make railway unsafe.

What are the problems of Indian Railways Class 10?

What are the problems faced by the Indian railways?

  • Many passengers travel without tickets.
  • Thefts and damage of railway property has not yet stopped completely.
  • People stop the trains and pull the chain unnecessarily. This causes heavy damage to the railways.

What are the problems faced by railway transport in India?


  • Old Track and Poor State of Rolling Stock. The major problem faced by Indian railways is that the tracks are old and outdated. …
  • Travel without Tickets: …
  • Railway Accidents: …
  • Attack on Railways: …
  • Lack of Modern Management: …
  • Outmoded Technology: …
  • Problem of Replacement: …
  • Problem of Laying Double Lines:
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How can we improve our railway system?

Here are some ideas to improve the railways:

  1. The railways should sell only waitlisted tickets, and when a train is overbooked, use that as an opportunity to reduce the number of stops. …
  2. If a train is overbooked, they should add more coaches, and correspondingly more engine power to not slow down.

What are the challenges faced by railway industry of Pakistan?

The political interference, nepotism, corruption, poor maintenance of tracks & bridges and mismanagement in almost every field are the major causes of failure of Pakistan Railways. Pakistan Railways purchased 69 completely built locomotive units from China under 2003 agreement.

What are the features of railways?


  • The rail transport has the following characteristics:
  • Public Utility Service:
  • Monopoly:
  • Huge Investments:
  • Privileges:
  • Special Rate Fixation:
  • Non-transferability:
  • The rail transport is particularly suited:

What is the cheapest means of transport?

Among different modes of transport, Railways are the cheapest. … Therefore, Railways is the cheapest mode of transportation.

What is the importance of Indian Railways Class 10?

(i) Railways make it possible to conduct multifarious activities like business, sightseeing, pilgrimage along with transportation of goods. (ii) It is suitable for long distance travel. (iii) Plays an important role in national integration. (iv) Railways bind the economic life of the country.

How does railways bind the economic and cultural life of the country?

Railways constitute the principal mode of transportation for freight and passengers. … Ports and major urban areas have their own freight lines. Thus, railways help in accelerating the development of industry and agriculture, consequently improving the economic conditions in the country.

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