Best answer: How do I start my Indian Motorcycle code?

How do you start an Indian motorcycle with pin?


  1. Press the ‘Power button’ (black round button) on your fuel tank once. …
  2. Wait for the fuel pump to stop priming (couple of seconds). …
  3. Using the turn signal indicator, ‘type’ in your PIN.

How do you start a motorcycle with a pin?

Press and hold the left turn signal until you see “Enter PIN” flash on the speedometer. Using the left turn signal to cycle through the digits and the right turn signal to select and move onto the next slot, you enter your personalized five-digit PIN and your bike will start.

Where is the master pin on an Indian motorcycle?

The master PIN should have been written on the sale documents by the dealer when you bought the bike.

How do you clear codes on Indian Motorcycles?

Run the engine for 30 seconds, then shut down normally. Most (if not all) codes should have cleared to the historic memory. I can confirm that this works for 2019 Scout Bobber. Thanks artman!

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How do you start an Indian motorcycle without the key?

If a key fob is not available, your personal identification number (PIN) can be entered using the turn signal switches to unlock the security system and start the motorcycle.

How do you reset the pin on a Harley 2021?

Select the fourth digit of your PIN (d) by pressing the left turn signal (d) times. Press the right turn signal indicator one time and release. The new digit (d) will replace the current number in the odometer window, and you will advance to the next digit.

How do I check my Indian Scout code?

To access the Error Code Lookup, log in to your Indian Motorcycle Account. Click on ACCOUNT in the upper-right corner to log in. Next, navigate to the MY GARAGE tab and select your vehicle. Scroll down to the Error Code Lookup and click LOOK UP CODE.

How many keys come with a new Indian Motorcycle?

Key Fob Overview

Indian Motorcycle models equipped with keyless ignition feature one of two key fobs.

Does the Indian Scout bobber have an Immobiliser?

A steering lock that meets the UNECE 62 standard. An ignition immobiliser system. A vehicle marking system.

How do I change the battery in my Indian key fob?

The Indian Motorcycle Key Fob battery is part number 4014675, a 3-volt CR2032 battery. To change the battery, remove the Phillips-head screw from the fob and then separate the two halves with a straight blade screwdriver. More information on starting your motorcycle can be found by reading Keyless Ignition Operation.

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