Your question: What is the original name of Indian Ocean?

What is the old name of ocean?

Proto-Tethys Ocean, Neoproterozoic. Rheic Ocean, the Paleozoic ocean between Gondwana and Laurussia. Slide Mountain Ocean, the Mesozoic ocean between the ancient Intermontane Islands (i.e. Wrangellia) and North America. South Anuyi Ocean, Mesozoic ocean related to the formation of the Arctic Ocean.

Why is Indian Ocean called Ratnakara?

In ancient Indian historical geography, the Indian Ocean has been named as “Ratnakara”- a place where gems and jewels are found.

Who were known as Ratnakar?

During his early years, Maharishi Valmiki – a highway robber named Ratnakar. It is believed that sage Narada Muni transformed him into a great devotee of Lord Rama by giving him the Rama Nama mantra.

Who is called Ratnakara?

kms of area, which is 20% of the total water mass of the Earth’s surface. In ancient Sanskrit literature, it was known as Ratnakara. The Indian Ocean is the warmest of the oceans, and is bounded by Asia on the north, Africa on the west, Australia in the east and Antarctica on the south.

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