Your question: For what purpose did the modern period begin in India?

What was the starting point of modern period in India?

The modern period in India is generally regarded as having begun in the mid-18th century. This coincided with the British occupation of India.

What is the starting point of modern period?

The Early Modern Times lasted from the end of the 15th century to the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 18th century, circa 1450/92 to 1750/92. Modern Times are the period from Enlightenment and the 18th century until today.

What is the period of modern period in India?

The mid 18th century is considered the Modern Period in the history of India.

When did modern period begin?

Modern Period begin from late 15th century to the late 18th century.

Was the modern period really modern?

Modern period is generally referred as the British period/era in India which sought to glorify the British rule in India and provides for modern basis of society in the country based on modern secular education system, based on the principles of rule of law, equality, administrative structure etc.

What does modern period mean?

Modern period is the period which is going on right now. It begin on 20th century. In this period mobile phones and computers came. Medieval period means the period when most of the dynasties established.

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What is the significance of modern India in Indian history?

The British administered India for a period of about two centuries and brought about revolutionary changes in the social, political and the economic life of the country. Once the British set their foot solidly on Indian soil, they began the commercial exploitation of the natural resources of India.

When did modern age start India?

16th century: the early modern period began in the 16th century.