You asked: Which state has highest slum population in India?

How many population in India live in slums?

6.5 crore live in India slums, over 1 crore each in Maharashtra, Andhra.

Is India full of slums?

Every sixth urban Indian lives in slums unfit for human habitation. Slums, in fact, are so common that they are found in 65 per cent of the Indian towns. Yet slum dwellers are the most overlooked section of society.

Which is poor city in India?

Alirajpur district in Madhya Pradesh is the poorest in the country where 76.5 per cent of people are poor.

Which country has most slums?

Population living in slums (% of urban population) – Country Ranking

Rank Country Value
1 Central African Republic 93.30
2 Sudan 91.60
3 Chad 88.20
4 São Tomé and Principe 86.60

How many slums are there in Andhra Pradesh?

Andhra Pradesh Slums Census 2011

City/Town Total ST
GVMC (Part) 770,971 9,321
Vijayawada (M Corp.) (Part) 451,231 9,994
Guntur (M Corp. + OG) 266,500 8,179
Warangal (M Corp. + OG) (Part) 246,516 8,112
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