You asked: Is Indian in the dictionary?

What is the meaning of Indian in dictionary?

1a : a native or inhabitant of India or of the East Indies. b : a person of Indian descent. 2a : american indian. b : one of the native languages of American Indians.

What type of word is Indian?

Indian used as an adjective:

Of or related to India or its people. Of or related to the indigenous peoples of the Americas (but not the Aleut, Inuit, Metis, or Yupik).

Is India an English word?

Via Latin from Greek India, from Indos, the name of the River Indus, from Persian Hind, from Sanskrit sindhu ‘river’, specifically ‘the Indus’, also ‘the region around the Indus’ (compare with Sindhi). … Compare with Hindi and Hindu.

Which is correct an Indian or a Indian?

Both are absolutely correct. “I am an Indian.” – using ‘Indian’ as a noun. “I am Indian.” – using it as an adjective.

Is Indian proper noun?

The word Indian refers to the specific country named India, and so it is a proper noun.

Is India a word noun?

Official name: Republic of India. …

Is Indian English British or American?

However, Indians speak British English, and there are many differences between British English and American English. Therefore, if you are not familiar with correct words, there may be some confusion while communicating. Sometimes, the spelling of the words may be the same but they are pronounced differently.

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Why is Indian English so bad?

The top reason Americans don’t understand Indian accented English is because you say words using the wrong syllable stress. Two common examples are the words development and alternative. When you say these words, you stress the wrong part of the word. … Americans put stress on a different syllable.

How many Indian words are in Oxford dictionary?

The tenth edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, which was launched on Friday, has 384 Indian English words.