Why has India a rich heritage?

Why is India a rich heritage?

India has rich heritage of flora and fauna because of the following factors (a) It has a very large geographical area which includes the mountains, the Northern plains, plateaus and also islands. … (c) India has different types of soil like alluvial soil, red soil and black soil suitable for different plant types.

Why was India a rich heritage of flora and fauna Class 9?

India has a large geographical area and varied climate. India has different types of soils and blessed with perennial rivers. That is why it has a rich heritage of flora and fauna. Due to its weather and climatic conditions, India has a very good land fertility which helps in flora and fauna to increase.

How is India rich in its fauna explain Class 9?

Answer: India is rich in fauna because of its geography which is very rich in biodiversity. Deserts, high mountains, highlands, tropical and temperate forests, swamplands, plains, grasslands, and island archipelago are geographical features of India. Besides, India has four biodiversity hotspots.

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Why does India passes a great diversity of flora explain?

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India possesses a great variety of flora due to : (a) Varied relief of mountains, plains, plateaus, deserts. They all have their own different types of flora. (b) Different types of terrain and soils-like alluvial, black, red, laterite-support different types ‘of vegetation and crops.

What is the importance of our Indian heritage?

In helping shape our identity, our heritage becomes part of what we are. Our expression of this identity shows others what we value; it highlights our values and priorities. Our heritage provides clues to our past and how our society has evolved.

Is India rich in culture?

India’s rich heritage and culture remains unparalleled, and the country’s unity in diversity is still being looked at with awe by the entire world, Justice V. … Despite being a plural society with diverse communities, ethnic races and people speaking different languages, democracy remains firm in India.

Why India has huge diversity in flora and fauna give two reasons?

Three main factors that are responsible for huge diversity of flora and fauna are: 1) Physical Features of Earth: India has all type of physical features that is,“ mountains, plains, deserts, plateau and islands”. 2) The type of soil is different for each region. … India depends on monsoons for rain.

Why does India abound in rich and varied vegetation?

The India abound in rich and varied vegetation because from the past Indias main occupation is primary occupation that is Agriculture . … The another reason that India’s land contains fertile soil , proper climate, water which is suitable for the growth of different types of vegetation…

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Why the fauna across the world is very rich and varied?

The fauna which means animals they are very rich in diversity just for example tiger and wolf they have their on features different from each other’s this features are a product of evolution of 1000 of years these features help in the survival of them the diversity of flora and fauna depends on their surrounding.

How can you say that India is rich in its fauna explain?

India is a vast country with variety of life forms. The various climatic and relief factors have contributed to its biodiversity. (i) India has about 90,000 species of animals, k includes elephants, rhinoceros wild ass, camel, yak, bisons, antelope, leopand etc. … Thus, we can conclude that India is rich in its fauna.

Is India rich in wildlife?

India is home to the richest wildlife of wild animals. It is home of asiatic lions and bengal tiger. … India has many many many many national park and wildlife sanctuary to protect animals. There are many animals like one horn rhinos,crocodiles, lions, tigers, birdsany many other.