Why engineers are unemployed in India?

Are engineers really jobless in India?

How many are unemployed engineers in India? Economics Times points out that 20-33% out of the 1.5 million jobless engineers in India are passing out every year to run the risk of not getting a job at all.

Why engineers are not getting job in India?

Basic Reasons why Indian Engineers are not Employable

Due to mass rise of engineering institutes, teaching staff quality suffered. Thus with lack of engaging lessons and updated curriculum, they were not able to awaken the interest of students toward engineering.

Why are engineers paid so little in India?

Why are engineers in India paid a low salary? Because they are oversupplied. We have 2 lakhs CAs, 10 lakhs doctors. … US produces around 1 lakh engineers per year for a $ 16 Trillion economy.

Are engineering students jobless?

Ram Mohan may be on the right track as going by a recent study a whopping 80 per cent of engineering graduates are unemployable in the country today. Nearly 1,00,000 engineers graduate from colleges in Karnataka each year. Nearly 60% of these are unemployed after campus placements.

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Why engineering is worst in India?

Publicity or promoting is good planning ever, so the craze for engineering is too high because of this fascination promoting of an engineer. In India, almost 80% of Engineer students are unemployed, only a few of them are working in the software sector or somewhere else.

Why engineers are not getting job?


Six very important reasons for this are : TOO MANY ENGINEERS: There are only so many new jobs being created every year. The number of new engineers is far higher. LACK OF EXPOSURE: Most Indian engineering colleges provide no or very bad internship opportunities.

What is wrong with engineering in India?

India’s problem of substandard engineering education is now widely known. … At the root of the problem is mushrooming of low-quality engineering colleges over the years. As students from such colleges fail to get suitable jobs, they face decline in enrolment. Now a large number of these colleges are being shut down.

Why engineers are jobless in Pakistan?

Due to a weak economy, Pakistan could not manage to start new projects that could have accommodated engineers. The existing industries and facilities also suffered due to the economic crisis. As a result, no new job opportunities were created for engineers.

Is engineering losing its value?

Yes, engineering has indeed lost its value over the years. Given that there are several engineering colleges in India and umpteen engineers are being produced each year from these colleges. … In fact, there are engineers we know are unemployed since last two years after the completion of their degree.

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Why don t engineers make more money?

While a new college engineering graduate may have broad skills, an engineer with 5 years experience has very narrow skills that tend be applicable at the company they work for. … This creates microeconomic incentives for each company to minimize the salary increases for engineers.

Can Indian engineers work in USA?

H-1B is a work visa that allows skilled Indians to work in the US for up to six years. This is the most sought after visa among immigrants as it allows to work for multiple employers at the same time. L1 visas are given to the foreign workers who are temporarily transferred to the country.

Which job has highest salary in India?

10 Highest Paying Careers in India that Everyone Craves For

  • Machine Learning Experts. …
  • Product Manager. …
  • Management Consultant. …
  • Full Stack Software Developer. …
  • Chartered Accountant (CA) …
  • Blockchain Developer. …
  • Marketing Manager. …
  • Investment Banker.

Does India need more engineers?

While India makes the top 10 of science and engineering graduates each year in the world, it does not make that same list for engineers. … In addition, the number of graduate engineers who go on to do a post-graduate and doctoral degree in engineering in India is not keeping pace with a growing economy.

Are doctors jobless in India?

Kottayam: It has come to light that a large majority of medical professionals in the country are currently unemployed. In a survey conducted by the Indian Institute of Public Health, it was found that 20 percent doctors and 30 percent nurses are not working in the health sector.

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Are engineers in demand in India?

Which stream of engineering is in demand? India is the largest producers of engineers as approximately 85% of 16-18-year-old youth show interest in the field. … In the current scenario, a student who wants to pursue his/her career in the field of engineering has various options available.