Why do Indians buy Mercedes?

Is buying a Mercedes worth it in India?

Build quality is excellent as well. However, there are a few things you need to know before you go for one. Yes, it’s a Mercedes for half the price, but what doesn’t change is service costs and spare part prices. It is a luxury brand, so a basic service every year will cost around Rs 30,000.

Why is Mercedes so expensive in India?

Mercedes-Benz has decided to make its vehicles costlier in India because of depreciating currency and rising input costs. Its cars will become expensive by up to ₹15 lakh. The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the global economy by impacting a vast number of businesses.

Is Mercedes cheaper in India?

Mercedes-Benz car price starts at Rs 41.19 Lakh for the cheapest model which is A-Class Limousine and the price of most expensive model, which is AMG GT starts at Rs 2.64 Crore.

Mercedes-Benz Cars Price List (November 2021) in India.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class ₹ 1.64 Crore
Mercedes-Benz C-Class ₹ 49.99 Lakh

Can I buy a car with 40k salary?

It is advised to customers that they restrict their car loans to not more than 20 percent of their monthly income. For example, if you make Rs. 40,000 per month, your monthly car loan EMI should not exceed Rs. 8,000. But the criteria for getting a loan also depends on the creditworthiness of the customer.

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Who owns costliest car in India?

Inside Mukesh Ambani’s Exotic Garage| Mercedes, Bentley And World’s Most Expensive Cars. Inside Mukesh Ambani’s Exotic Garage: Mukesh Ambani is India’s richest businessman and in his 400,000 square-foot skyscraper Antilia, one floor is entirely reserved for parking where over 160 cars can be parked.

Why are cars so cheap in India?

India has huge demand for small cars that makes local production of car parts cheaper due to economies of scale. Taxes and duties in India are also lower than in Pakistan. The taxes and duties in Pakistan are almost 40% of the total price of a car. But in India, taxes are below 20% (it varies from state to state).

Why do so many Indians drive Mercedes?

People opt for a Mercedes due to how enjoyable they are to drive. However, one of the biggest reasons is the fact that it indicates India’s obsession for luxury. Mercedes has always been associated with luxury and when seeing one, people are immediately drawn to it.

How many Audi cars sold India?

A mere1,693 Audi cars were sold across Indian in 2020. Year-over-year, the sales volume declined by over 63 percent in 2020. Since 2018, there was a continuous downfall in the sales volume of Audi across India.

Sales volume of Audi cars across India from 2009 to 2020.

Characteristic Number of cars sold

Which is the best car in the world?

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  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class. When Mercedes-Benz sets out to make a new S-Class, the brief is to make the best car in the world; simple as that. …
  • Audi E-tron Quattro. We’re now entering reasonably well-established times for the premium electric car. …
  • Audi A8. …
  • Mercedes CLS. …
  • BMW 7 Series. …
  • BMW X7. …
  • Audi Q8. …
  • Lexus LS.
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