Who wrote a history of British India answer?

Who wrote the history of British India Class 8?

‘The History of British India’ was written by James Mill. James Mill was born in 1773. He was a Scottish historian, economist, political theorist, and philosopher.

Who wrote history of Great Britain?

The History of England (Hume)

Author David Hume
Country Great Britain
Language English
Genre History
Published 1754–1761

Who wrote Ncert history books?

A committee on history education was established with the membership of Tara Chand, Nilakanta Sastri, Mohammad Habib, Bisheshwar Prasad, B. P. Saxena and P. C. Gupta, which commissioned a number of history textbooks to be authored by the leading historians.

How did historians divided Indian history class 8?

Historians have divided Indian history into ‘ancient’, ‘medieval’ and ‘modern‘. … It is a periodisation that is borrowed from the West where the modern period was associated with the growth of all the forces of modernity – science, reason, democracy, liberty and equality.

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