Who ruled Mumbai before British?

Who occupied Mumbai before the British?

Later, between the 2nd century BCE and 9th century CE, the islands came under the control of successive indigenous dynasties: Satavahanas, Abhiras, Vakatakas, Kalachuris, Konkan Mauryas, Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas, before being ruled by the Silharas from 810 to 1260.

Who ruled the settlement of Bombay before the British ruler?

The city was ruled in the 6th–8th century by the Chalukyas, who left their mark on Elephanta Island (Gharapuri). The Walkeswar Temple at Malabar Point was probably built during the rule of Shilahara chiefs from the Konkan coast (9th–13th century).

When did Bombay become British?

That Bombay fell into the lap of the British through a dowry arrangement with the Portuguese in 1661 is now textbook history. Seeing it more profitable to lease Bombay, the Crown appointed the Company on 27 March 1668 as “the true and absolute Lords and Proprietors of the Port and Island”.

Why is Bombay now called Mumbai?

In the mid-1990s, Shiv Sena, the Hindu nationalist party in power in Bombay, decided to change the city’s name to Mumbai, a name often used in local languages that derives from Mumba Devi, the patron Hindu goddess of the island’s original residents, the Koli fishermen.

Why did Britishers come to Mumbai?

On 11 May 1661, the marriage treaty of Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza, daughter of King John IV of Portugal, placed Bombay in the possession of the British Empire, as part of Catherine’s dowry to Charles. … The Portuguese Viceroy declined to interfere and Shipman was prevented from landing in Bombay.

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