Who is the No 1 best business man in India?

Who is the No 1 business man in India?

Cyrus Poonawalla – $18.2 billion

Ranked as the 6th wealthiest person in India, Cyrus Poonawalla has a net worth of $18.2 billion. He founded the Serum Institute of India in 1966 and it is today the largest producer of vaccines for measles, influenza and polio.

Who is No 1 richest man in India?

Here is the full list of top ten richest Indians:

  • Mukesh Ambani ($92.7 billion )
  • Gautam Adani ($74.8 billion)
  • Shiv Nadar ($31 billion)
  • Radhakishan Damani ($29.4 billion)
  • Cyrus Poonawalla ($19 billion)
  • Lakshmi Mittal ($18.8 billion)
  • Savitri Jindal ($18 billion)
  • Uday Kotak ($16.5 billion)

Who is India’s top 10 richest man?

Forbes 2021 List Of Top 10 Richest Indians

  • Mukesh Ambani. The business tycoon has been topping the Forbes list for over a decade now. …
  • Gautam Adani. Following Mukesh Ambani is Gautam Adani with $74.8 billion. …
  • Shiv Nadar. …
  • Radhakishan Damani. …
  • Cyrus Poonawalla. …
  • Lakshmi Mittal. …
  • Savitri Jindal. …
  • Uday Kotak.

Who is rich Adani or Ambani?

Gautam Adani continues to be the second richest Indian for the third year in a row with a $74.8 billion fortune, only $17.9 billion shy of Ambani. Adani is the biggest gainer in both percentage and dollar terms as his wealth nearly tripled during the year.

Who is the richest family in India?

Mukesh Ambani continues to be the richest man in India for the 10th consecutive year with a wealth of Rs 7,18,000 Cr.

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