Who is the father of Indian modernism?

Who is called father of modernism?

Louis Henry Sullivan (September 3, 1856 – April 14, 1924) was an American architect, and has been called a “father of skyscrapers” and “father of modernism”.

Louis Sullivan.

Louis Henry Sullivan
Died April 14, 1924 (aged 67) Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation Architect

Who is called as Indian modernism?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was called as ‘Father of Indian Modernism’.

Is known as the grandfather of modern India?

Maharish Dayanand Saraswati is known as the Grandfather of India.

Why Dalhousie is known as the maker of modern India?

Lord Dalhousie is often considered as the founder or maker of modern India. … He brought in the railway system and postal stamps to India. Railways were used for administrative, strategic and commercial purposes. Along with the introduction of postal stamps, he also introduced over 4,000 telegraph lines.

Who founded modern India?

Of all his successes, the greatest was the creation of the modern Indian state. It was his personal achievement. Nehru worked hard to ensure a major portion of British India emerged as one country and, equally importantly, as the successor state to the British Indian Empire.

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