Who is the deputy mayor of Chennai?

Who is the Councillor of Chennai?

Chennai Corporation (GCC) Councillors List 2011-2016

Ward Corporator Email
1 A.Ezilarasi ward001@chennaicorporation.gov.in
2 C.Selvam ward002@chennaicorporation.gov.in
3 P.Tamilarasan ward003@chennaicorporation.gov.in
4 S.Saravanan ward004@chennaicorporation.gov.in

How is Chennai divided?


Chennai is divided into four broad regions: North, Central, South and West. North Chennai is primarily an industrial area.

Who is the deputy collector Chennai?

C. Rathi Alais Lakshmi. Deputy Collector(Revenue), Regional Deputy Commissioner Office (North), No.

Who built Ripon Building?

Who is mayor of Chennai?

Duraisamy is the mayor of Chennai. The Chennai Municipal Corporation has a history of 323 years and the Office of Mayor was formed in 1933.

Is Tambaram under Chennai Corporation?

Creation of Tambaram Corporation

The creation of the Tambaram Corporation has, however, evoked mixed reactions from residents of the various erstwhile municipalities and town panchayats that are to be merged to form what would be the third Corporation in Chennai district.

Who is MP of Tamil Nadu?


As on 25th July, 2019
1 Tmt. Sasikala Pushpa, W/o. Thiru. T. Lingeswara Thilagan, A.I.A.D.M.K. 02.04.2014
2 Thiru. K. Selvaraj, S/o. Thiru. Karaiya Gowder, A.I.A.D.M.K. 02.04.2014
3 Thiru. Tiruchi Siva, S/o. Thiru. R. Natesan, D.M.K. 02.04.2014

Who is a ward Councillor?

Each Councillor represents a ward or division and the residents who live in it, and have a responsibility to communicate Council policies and decisions to them.

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