Who captured Delhi in?

Who captured Delhi in 1555 with the help of?

Humayun became king after Babur, but internal problems and his defeat to Sher Khan at Chausa and Kanauj forced him to flee to Iran where he received the help of the Safavid Shah and recaptured Delhi in 1555.

Who built New Delhi?

The two architects who designed New Delhi and Shahjahanabad were Edward Lutyens and Herbert Baker. In 1877, to acknowledge Queen Victoria because the empress of India, Viceroy Lytton organised a Durbar in Delhi, although Calcutta was the capital of British India.

Who was Sikander Sur?

Sikandar Shah Suri (died 1559) was the sixth ruler of the Sur dynasty, a late medieval Pashtun dynasty of northern India.

Sikandar Shah Suri
Predecessor Ibrahim Shah Suri
Successor Adil Shah Suri
Died 1559
House Sur dynasty
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