Who brought Industrialisation in India?

When did industrialization came to India?

The first phase was from the year 1951-65 which is regarded as a strong industrial base. The second phase was between 1965-80 also known as deceleration and retrogression. The third phase was from 1981-91, the period in which the country experienced industrial recovery.

Who announced the first industrial policy in 1948?

2. In 1948, immediately after Independence, Government introduced the Industrial Policy Resolution. This outlined the approach to industrial growth and development. It emphasised the importance to the economy of securing a continuous increase in production and ensuring its equitable distribution.

How was India before industrialization?

Before independence, there was no proper development of Indian industry in India. The Britishers were anti-Indian. India could not develop a sound industrial base under the colonial rule. … The primary motive of the colonial government behind this policy of systematically de-industrialising India was two-fold.

What did industrialization Do India?

Therefore, industrial revolution turned India into a source of raw materials for British industries as well as a market for its finished products. The Indian economy also dwindled because its industrialization process was slowed down. Poverty and starvation also became common.

How did the process of Industrialisation begin in India?

The process of industrialization started in pre-independent India since the second half of the nineteenth century. The industrial labourers’ figure continuously increased and a new community of labour class immerged. … This brings industrial workers into the centre place.

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