Which winds bring winter rainfall in India?

What winds cause winter rainfall?

North-east trade winds over India reign during the winter season. They blow from land to sea, and so it’s a dry season for much of the world. Owing to these waves, however the Tamil Nadu Coast gets winter rainfall. This is because these winds blow from sea to land in this area, thereby bringing moisture with them.

Which winds brings rainfall in India?

Complete Answer: Southwest monsoon winds are responsible for bringing in rainfall in India.

Which winds bring winters rain in Chennai *?

Due to the northeast trade winds, Tamil Nadu receives rainfall in the winter season. The state’s average annual precipitation is around 907 (LPA 1950-2019) mm (37.2 in), 48 percent of which is through the North-East monsoon, and 32 percent through the South-West monsoon.

Which winds bring heavy rain to Cherrapunji?

Therefore, Monsoon winds from the Southwest bring heavy precipitation to Cherrapunji.

Which type of winds bring monsoon in India?

One area that monsoons impact greatly is India. In India monsoons create an entire season in which the winds reverse completely. The rainfall is a result of the convergence of wind flow from the Bay of Bengal and reverse winds from the South China Sea.

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Which winds bring rain to India during summer?

South west monsoon winds brings rainfall to most parts of India. During summer, Indian landmass gets heated up generating a low pressure area over North west India.

Which winds bring rainfall to Coromandel coast?

The withdrawing monsoon, also known as the S.E Monsoon, brings rain to the coast of Coromandel, especially Tamil Nadu.

Why Tamil Nadu gets winter rainfall?

During the winter season, the winds prevailing in the country are the Northeast trade winds. … Due to the geographical location, the east coast receives rainfall as the north east trade winds blow from sea to land in this location. Hence the coast of Tamil Nadu receives winter rainfall.