Which state is the rice bowl of India?

Why do Chhattisgarh state called bowl of rice?

Rice is a dominant crop in Chhattisgarh, which is known as the ‘rice bowl’ thanks to the extensive cultivation of the crop. Some of the state’s most famous dishes are made from rice.

Which country is the rice bowl of Asia?

The countries which are called the ‘Rice Bowl’ of Asia are Myanmar, Thailand, Kampuchea and Vietnam. The Mekong region is Asia’s rice bowl: in 2014 lower Mekong countries (Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam) produced more than 100m tonnes of rice, around 15% of the world’s total.

Which city is known as what in India?

Nicknames of Indian Cities – Complete List

Indian Cities Name State Nicknames of Indian Cities
Ahmedabad Gujarat Manchester of India Boston of India INDIA’S first world heritage city
Surat Gujarat Diamond City of India
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh City of Nawabs
Muzaffarpur Bihar The Land of Litchi Sweet City

Which city is known as what?

23. City of Pearls, Hitech city – Hyderabad.

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