Which online game is most popular in India?

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Which is the most played online game in India?

#1 PUBG Mobile

The biggest mobile game in 2020 that has emerged is undoubtedly PUBG Mobile. The Tencent game generated sales of nearly $2.6 billion from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, Sensor Tower reported. The game is now available. The figure is 64% higher than last year.

What online games are popular in India?

As we make our way through this list, we will talk about some of the most popular online games that gamers in India have been playing lately:

  • Players Unknown Battleground. …
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) …
  • DOTA 2. …
  • FIFA 20. …
  • Clash of Clans.

Who is the best gamer in India?

Looking at subscriber and viewership data from HypeAuditor, here are 11 of the most popular Indian game streamers on YouTube.

  • Total Gaming: 28.2 Million Subscribers. …
  • Techno Gamerz: 20.8 Million Subscribers.
  • A_S Gaming: 14.2 Million Subscribers.
  • Lokesh Gamer: 12.7 Million Subscribers.
  • Gyaan Gaming: 11.7 Million Subscribers.

Who is No 1 game in world?

Top 10 Online Games in The World

Game Online Player Launch Year
Minecraft 91 Million 2011
DOTA 2 5 million 2015
The Division 2 N/A 2019
The Splatoon 2 5 million 2015

Who is the best game in world?

Most Popular PC Games | Steam | Global

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Game title Publisher
1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve Corporation
2. New World Amazon Games
3. Dota 2 Valve Corporation
4. Battlefield 2042 Electronic Arts