Which is the last village of India?

Which is the first village in India?

The village has an Indian Army check-post. Kaho will be projected as the first village of the country by team Discover FarEast with the help of district administration.

Kaho, Arunachal Pradesh.

Country India
State Arunachal Pradesh
District Anjaw district
Elevation 1,240 m (4,070 ft)

Which is the last village of the world?

Ever since the award-winning film Leviathan was shot here, Teriberka, a rural hamlet in the extreme northern edge of Russia on the Barents Sea coast, has become a popular go-to place in the Russia itinerary.

Which is the last shop of India?

India`s last shop is at the Mana village. Mana is the last village on the Indian side border.It is also famous of Saraswati River Temple.

Which is the last village of India in South?

Mana, India

District Chamoli
Elevation 3,200 m (10,500 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 1,214
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