Which is the largest backwater in India?

Why Kerala is called backwater?

The place is called backwaters because the lake water is actually fresh river water that comes down from the river and is then used for the paddy fields whenever the need be, and later the lake water as it goes ahead, merges with the ocean in Kochi.

What is largest in India?

All the Largest of India:

1 Largest populated city Mumbai
2 Largest freshwater lake Kolleru (Andhra Pradesh)
3 Largest saltwater lake Chilka (Orissa)
4 Largest state Rajasthan
5 Largest populated state Uttar Pradesh

Which coast is famous for backwaters?

Kerala coast is known for its back waters .

What is Lagoon and backwater?

Lagoons and Backwaters: (i) India has a vast coastline and the coast is very indented in some states. Due to this, a number of lagoons and lakes have formed. (ii) The States like Kerala, Orissa and West Bengal have vast surface water resources in these lagoons and lakes.

Which state is known for its backwater?

The scenic backwaters of Kerala comprise a serene stretch of lakes, canals and lagoons located parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea. The backwater regions of Kerala are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

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