Which is the biggest district in Delhi?

Which is the smallest district of Delhi?

List of Smallest Districts of India by Territorial Area.

2011 Census
Rank District Population
1 Mahe 41816
2 Central Delhi 582320
3 Yanam 55626

Which area comes in Delhi district?

List of Districts of Delhi

No. District Sub-divisions (Tehsils)
3 East Delhi Preet Vihar
4 North Delhi Narela
5 North East Delhi Yamuna Vihar
6 North West Delhi Saraswati Vihar

Who is the First Lady CM of Delhi?


No. Name Length of term
Longest continuous term
1 Sheila Dikshit 15 years, 25 days
2 Arvind Kejriwal 6 years, 274 days
3 Chaudhary Brahm Parkash 2 years, 332 days

Which is the capital city of India?

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