Which is the best toilet paper in India?

What ply toilet paper is best?

One ply toilet paper is safest to avoid clogging the plumbing.

  • One ply toilet paper is safest to avoid clogging the plumbing.
  • Using one ply toilet paper is safe for recreational vehicles such as boats, buses and motor homes. …
  • One ply toilet paper has more sheets on a roll therefore more footage.

Is Cushelle toilet paper good?

5.0 out of 5 starsLove it! No better thickness, so you use less! I’ve been buying this since it was Charmin & being imported from the US & although the quality & softness isn’t as good now it’s rebranded as Cushelle & presumably manufactured in Europe, it’s still the thickest, best quality loo roll available.

What is the most expensive toilet paper?

Fancy throwing your money straight down the toilet? Then this blinged-out 22-karat gold toilet paper, which sells for a staggering $1.3 million per roll, could be for you. Australian company Toilet Paper Man developed the extravagant three-ply wiper after using fully golden thrones in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Is thicker toilet paper better?

Toilet paper generally ranges from two-ply to four-ply. This simply refers to the number of layers of paper used. Generally the higher the ply count, the thicker, softer, stronger and more absorbent the toilet paper should be.

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