Which Indian state has most glaciers?

Which is largest glacier in India?

This area includes the Gangotri Glacier, largest in India.

Where does the largest glacier of India live?

At 76 km (47 mi) long, it is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world’s non-polar areas.

Siachen Glacier
Type Mountain glacier
Location Karakoram, Ladakh (administered by India, claimed by Pakistan)

Is Siachen largest glacier in India?

Notes: Siachen Glacier is the largest glacier in India. It is located in the eastern Karakoram range in the Himalayas. It is the longest glacier in Karakoram range and second longest in the world’s non-polar areas.

Which state has most mountains in India?


Rank States Peak
1 Sikkim Kangchenjunga (shared with Nepal)
2 Uttarakhand Nanda Devi
3 Arunachal Pradesh Kangto (shared with China)
4 Himachal Pradesh Reo Purgyil (shared with China)

Which is the largest glacier in Asia?

Notes: Siachen glacier is the largest glacier in Asia.

What is a glacier Name one Indian glacier?

Important Glaciers in India

Name State Mountain Range
Gangotri Glacier Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand Himalayas
Bandarpunch Glacier Uttarakhand Western edge of the high Himalayan range
Milam Glacier Uttarakhand Trishul peak of Pithoragarh
Pindari glacier Nanda Devi, Uttarakhand Upper reaches of the Kumaon Himalayas
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