Which country flag is similar to Indian flag?

Which country has Funniest flag?

Which countries have the craziest flags?

  • Bermuda. Bermuda is a British colony in the Atlantic Ocean. …
  • Mozambique. Mozambique’s flag is as straightforward as it can possibly get. …
  • Dominica. Dominica is an island in the Carribean Sea and this country also has chosen for a very special design. …
  • Isle of Man. …
  • Kingdom of Benin.

What is the most simple flag?

Tri-color Flags

The simplest flags only have these bands with no additional emblems or symbols. The flag of Italy is called il Tricolore. “The three colors” in Italian. Green, white, and red make up their official flag, which has been in place since January 1, 1948.

What flag is hardest?

Because of the elaborate complexity of these designs, the Turkmenistan flag is claimed to be the most complex national flag in the world.

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