Where can I buy a wedding dress in India?

What is a wedding dress called in India?

Ceremony Lehenga

A lehenga is traditional Indian attire worn for wedding celebrations. Unlike western wedding ceremonies, brides avoid wearing white, as it’s a symbol of mourning. Instead, they opt for a colorful sari that reflects their region of origin.

Which site is best for wedding shopping?

Check out these Best Indian Stores For Online Wedding Shopping:

  • Shop Now Price Range: Rs 400- Rs 1500.
  • Meena Bazaar Price Range: up to Rs 40,000.
  • Shop Now Price Range: Rs 500 – Rs 5000.
  • Ajio.com Price Range: Rs 200- Rs 8000.
  • Jivaana Price Range: Rs 700- Rs 7000.
  • Shop Now Price: Rs 2500 – Rs 25,000.

Why Indian weddings are so expensive?

Indebtedness in rural India is very high due to high expenditure on two social occasions – wedding and death ceremonies. The culture (of expensive ceremonies) is so entrenched in rural communities that it makes thousands of poor fall into debt bondage.”

Why Indian brides wear red?

Hindu brides are asked to wear red color saree which reflects the image of Durga who is the inner strength of every Indian woman. According to astrology, Mars is the in- charge of marriage and the color of Mars is red. Brides wear this color to signify the symbol of prosperity and fertility.

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What color should you not wear to an Indian wedding?

Just like you wouldn’t wear white to a Western Wedding, at an Indian Wedding, you should avoid wearing the colors black and white. These colors can be seen as disrespectful since they are common colors when attending a funeral. Also, it’s polite to avoid wearing shades of red because the bride typically wears red.

Why are Indian clothes so expensive?

The main consumption area of the designer wear is disposable income which is leading to more and more purchasing power of the customers. There are various factors which contribute to the high costs of the designer wear in India. … With the brands being MNCs they add these logistics costs across regions to earn a profit.