When did the first ship arrive in India?

Which was the first ship came to India?

Red Dragon (1595)

Operator East India Company (1601–1619)
Builder Deptford Dockyard
Launched 1595

When did Hector ship came to India?

The East India Company arrived first at Surat, India in 1608 in the ship Hector commanded by William Hawkins and within a few years had established a permanent factory there. Surat was the port used by the textile manufacturers of Gujerat and was the most important centre for the overseas trade of the Mughal Empire.

In which year did the East India Company dispatch its first merchant vessel to China?

Action of 10 September 1782.

When did the first ship of Britishers reach in India?

Q. What was the name of the first ship of British East India Company to arrive in India? Notes: Hector was the first ship of the East India Company of England which arrived in India on August 24, 1600 AD. Sir William Hawkins was the commander and it anchored at Surat.

Who was the first British to land in India?

Explanation: John Mildenhall, a merchant adventurer, was the first Englishman who arrived in India in 1599 AD, by the overland route, ostensibly for the purpose of trade with Indian merchants.

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