What is the percentage of relief features of India?

What is the percentage of mountain as relief feature in India?

Plains -43%, Mountains –30%, Plateaus -27%

Which relief feature of India has 30% of?

Mountains cover 30% of total surface area of India. India is a country that has many land features on it like plains, mountains, deserts and plateaus.

How many relief features are there in India?

What are the 6 relief features? The Major Physiographic divisions of India : The relief divisions of India landmass can be divided in to the following groups.

What percentage of relief is a mountain?

Mountains 10.6 %, Hills 18.5%, Plateaus 27.7% and Plains 43.2% Explanation: Himalayas- consists of the Himalayas; ranges of mountains.

Which is the highest percentage land under relief features?

India’s most prevalent relief feature is plains, i.e. 42.2 per cent of the landscape. The Indian peninsula consists mainly of plains and occupies a total area of 700,000 sq km.

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Which one of the following relief feature of India has 30 percent of the total surface area of country?

Mountains account for 30 percent of the total surface area of the country and ensure the perennial flow of some rivers, provide facilities for tourism and ecological aspects. About 27 percent of the area of the country is the plateau region.

Which relief feature has a maximum land area in India Class 10?

Answer: The northern plains in India have the maximum land area. Explanation: Also known as the Gangetic Plain, its total area is 6, 52,000 square kilometers.

Which is the most widespread relief feature in India?

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Himalayas are considered as the most widespread relief feature of India. It extends from the north that is Jammu and Kashmir and stretches towards east India. India on one end has the boundary of Himalayas while the other end has coastal boundaries.

What is the relief feature?

Relief features are not any pattern of drainage where water channels are available. … In the study of geography, the structure of relief means the highest and lowest elevation points that are based in a particular region. In the low-lying areas, there are elevated points such as Mountains, Ridges, and Valleys.

What are the major relief features of India explain any 2?

The major relief features of India include the following: a) The Himalayas are the mountains that cover the northern border of India. b) The Northern Plain or the Indo-Gangetic Plain that has a climate that favour the growth of several crops.

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How many types of relief features are there?

Depending up on the elevation and shape landforms or relief feature are called mountains, plateaus and plains.