What is the color of jerseys of national cricket and hockey teams of India?

What is the Colour of jersey of national cricket and hockey team of India?

The correct answer is Sky blue.

What is the national sport Colour of India?


Country Primary colours Secondary colours
China Red and yellow Dark blue, black and white (sports)
Hong Kong Red and white Black and gray
India Saffron orange, blue, white and green Sky blue (sports)
Indonesia Red and white Green (sports)

Why do India wear blue?

This term too came from wearing the blue jersey. Blue became such a rage that Indian fans started the trend that they would ‘bleed blue’. As India improved as a cricketing power, the phrase Men in Blue became a symbol on which the nation could count on, their warriors on the field.

Which country’s cricket team wear jerseys of green and white?

Team colours

In test matches, Ireland wears cricket whites, with the optional sweater or vest with a green v-neck with the Cricket Ireland logo on the centre.

Why do Indian jerseys have 3 stars?

They represent our twin successes in ODI World Cups: 1983 win under Kapil Dev and 2011’s triumph. During non-ICC events and bilateral series, India plays with three stars on their jersey, representing all their World Cup wins irrespective of the format.

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What is retro jersey?

Retro jerseys, otherwise known as throwback jerseys or throwbacks, are uniforms worn by a sports team that look exactly like jerseys worn by that organization in the past. Such jerseys are generally well-loved both by fans and by the teams that wear them.

What is the price of Indian cricket team jersey?

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