What is Sadar Bazar Delhi famous for?

What is Sadar Bazar?

Saddar Bazaar (Urdu: صدر بازار‎) is usually the main market or bazaar in most of the Cantonments of India and Pakistan.

How can I go to Sadar Bazar?

First of all, take down the metro from Vaishali metro station on the blue line heading towards Dwarka Sector 21, and get by at Mandi House and from there, walk till the Tilak Bridge station that is around 600 meters away and from there, get on the metro heading towards Sadar Bazaar.

What do you get in Sadar Bazar?

Sadar Bazaar

While it is a general market that serves a variety of things, it is most well-known for its massive supply of household items—plastic items like buckets, mugs, & dabbas for the kitchen, utensils, and cutlery and crockery items.

Does Sadar Bazaar open on Sunday?

Sadar Bazar Opening Days – Sadar Bazaar market is open everyday except for Sundays. The market can be reached via road by public transport such as DTC Buses, Auto Rickshaws and Taxi Cabs that can be hired from any corner of Delhi.

How can I buy Sadar Bazar in Delhi?

Shopping Tips For Sadar Bazar Shopping

  1. BARGAIN! Bargain as much as you can.
  2. An extra-large durable bag is a must.
  3. Carry a water bottle. Maybe two.
  4. Wear your most comfortable shoes.
  5. Definitely try out the amazing Old Delhi food.
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