What impact did First World War have on India?

What were the impact of World war on Indians?

iii) The war increased demand for industrial goods such as jute bags, fabric, and rail, and reduced imports into India from other countries. iv) During the war, Indian factories grew, and Indian business groups began to demand more growth opportunities. v) The war brought massive profits to business organizations.

What was the impact of 1st world war on the Indian economy?

The First World War made an impact on the Indian economy in several ways: the prices of agricultural produce increased considerably, the silver currency appreciated by leaps and bounds, the industrialists benefited from windfall profits to such an extent that they were overcome by a veritable euphoria of investment …

What was the impact of the First World War on the national movement in India Class 10?

How the First World War helped in the growth of the National Movement in India. Answer: War created a new political and economic situation. Led to a huge increase in defence expenditure which was financed by war loans and increasing taxes: custom duties were increased and income tax introduced.

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What was the impact of first world war on nationalism in India?

During the war Home Rule Leagues were established, calling for self-government and dominion status for India. The movement gave a boost to Indian nationalism, especially after the Indian National Congress adopted Home Rule as a political goal.

Which areas were affected most by the World War 1 in India?

Almost 1.5 million Muslim, Sikh and Hindu men from regions such as the Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Bihar volunteered in the Indian Expeditionary Force , which saw fighting on the Western Front, in East Africa, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Gallipoli.

What was the impact of the First World War encourage the growth of industries in India?

India witnessed increased industrial production during the First World War due to following reasons: British industries became busy in producing and supplying war-needs. Hence, they stopped exporting British goods or clothes for colonial markets, for instance in India.

What was the effect of second world war on India?

There were four major consequences of Second World War on India and they included high inflation which was on account of war expenditure, the value of Indian currency took a nose dive, economic imbalances due to currencies exchange problems and the development of exchange control.