What goes on a Hindu shrine?

What are Hindu artifacts?

Sandalwood garland. Aarti lamp. Book mehndi patterns. Pot of paste (kum kum) Three Diwali cards.

What features are important in a mandir?

In a community mandir , the shrine, where the murti are kept, is the central and most important part. There is often a tower, which signifies the presence of the murti. Some community mandir are dedicated to a particular Hindu god or goddess, whose murti takes pride of place and is the main focus of worship.

What are the key features of a mandir?

The focal point of a mandir is the inner sanctum, which is aligned with the highest of the spires. It is here that the shrine containing the image or murti of the presiding deity is housed. Areas reserved for worship cannot be entered directly from the outside world.

What is a shrine used for?

The Purpose of a Shrine. An altar, for instance, may be dedicated to a specific deity or theme, but it is often set up as a workspace as well, to be used in ritual and spellwork. A shrine, on the other hand, is generally used only as a place to pay tribute to the selected deity.

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