What ended the Plains Indians?

What caused the defeat of the Plains Indians?

Several factors contributed to the defeat of the Plains Indians. … The army attacked Plains Indians during the winter when they divided into small bands, making it difficult for Indians effectively to resist. Another key factor was the destruction of the Indian food supply, especially the buffalo.

What ended the plains people way of life?

They wanted Indians on reservations and wanted to civilise the Indians and turn them into White men. They did this through clothing, language, schools, religion and forcing the Indians to abandon their old life.

What was responsible for breaking the Plains Indians resistance?

At the battle of Little Bighorn, in June 1876, Custer unwisely divided his troops, and a numerically superior force of Indians wiped out him and all of his men. … This massacre was the symbolic end to Indian resistance; the Plains Indians were essentially conquered and moved into reservations throughout the next decade.

When did High Plains culture come to an end?

The traditional Plains Indian hunting culture came to an end in the 1870s and 1880s with the near extermination of the bison by commercial white hunters and the often violent removal of Indians into reservations, where Indian agents endeavored to transform them from hunters into farmers.

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