What did India want on the Silk Road?

What did India gain from the Silk Road?

India benefited from the Silk Road because it gave them new customers and new trade connections for their most valuable goods, especially spices. …

Why was India important to the Silk Road?

India’s caravan trade with central Asia was at the heart of the complex web of routes making up the Silk Roads. … Terrestrial routes remained critically important, not only handling flows of goods and money, but also fostering networks of trade in credit, secret intelligence and fighting power.

Was India involved in the Silk Road?

Silk Road sites in India are sites that were important for trade on the ancient Silk Road. These are spread across seven states in India (Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Puducherry, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. …

Why did the Silk Road not go through India?

Thus, the Silk Road was a route not only for cultural as well as economic trade among the civilizations that used it. Diseases, most notably plague, also spread along the Silk Road.

Silk Road
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Did India trade with China on the Silk Road?

Traders carried silk from Yunnan through Myanmar, across India and joined the main silk route in Afghanistan. In addition, silk was also transported from South West China through the Shan states and North Myanmar into East India and then down to the Coromandel Coast.

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