Quick Answer: Is the largest producer of cardamom in India?

Which state is the largest producer of cardamom in India?

Kerala is the largest producer of small cardamom, followed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Which state is largest producer of big cardamom?

Large cardamom (Amomum subulatum), is one of the main cash crops cultivated in Sikkim and the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. India is the largest producer of large cardamom in the world and Sikkim contributes to it significantly.

What is the price of 1kg cardamom?

Compare similar products from other sellers

₹ 990/ Kilogram ₹ 1,350/ Kg
Cardamom Grade Available Normal
Cardamom Size 8 mm 8 mm
Country of Origin
Packaging Size 5 Kg 1 kg

Where is cardamom produced in India?

Following states are the major producers of cardamom in India: 1. Kerala – 70% 2. Karnataka – 20% 3. Tamil Nadu – 10% Idukki district in Kerala is the major cardamom-producing area and places such as Udumbanchola taluka, Peermede taluka and Devikulam taluka are important centres in Idukki district.

In which state cardamom is grown?

Cardamom ( Elettaria cardamomum L.) popularly, known as Queen of Spices is native to the evergreen rainy forests of Western Ghats in South India. It is cultivated in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Cardamom is used for flavouring various preparations of food, confectionery, beverages and liquors.

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Which country is largest importer of cardamom?

Import Trends of Top 10 Importers of Whole Cardamom

Country Import %
1 Global
2 Saudi Arabia 26.66%
3 United Arab Emirates 22.15%

Which country is largest producer of Elaichi?

Top Ten Cardamom Producing Countries

Rank Country Production 2007
1 Guatemala 28,000 m/t
2 India 16, 000 m/t
3 Indonesia 8,600 m/t
4 Nepal 6,792 m/t

Which state is largest producer of spices in India?

With an estimated production volume of over three million metric tons, the state of Madhya Pradesh was the largest producer of spices across India in 2021.